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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Japan tells Thai travellers no visa needed for 2 week holidays

Japan's visa waiver kicks off on July 1
The Nation

BANGKOK: -- On July 1, the Japanese government will start relaxing visa rules to attract more tourists from Thailand.

Visa requirements are waived for those who want to stay in Japan for no more than 15 days, according to the Japan Embassy in Bangkok.

In an announcement released today, the Embassy said that for those seeking a longer period of stay, they will be subjected to apply for a visa.

"The waiver for Thais is to promote the Japanese-Thai relations," it said.

Without visas, the travellers will be subjected to questions from immigration officers. They are advised to bring along travel document like return flight tickets and others.

Earlier, it was reported that Japan would waive visa requirement for Thai and Malaysian tourists for certain lengths of stay. While waiving visa requirements for Thai and Malaysians is being considered, visitors from the Philippines and Vietnam will for the first time enjoy multipleentry visas and Indonesians will see their visa period extended from the current 15 days. The plan also calls for government-wide action to invite international conferences and major exhibitions to Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was reported as saying that Japan should soon meet its target of attracting 10 million foreign visitors per year, and then aim for the 20 million mark.

-- The Nation 2013-06-25

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