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Friday, March 29, 2013

KMITL student 'PeterPan' scores 790 on TOEIC!


to me
Hi Mr.Charlie I'm PeterPan (Pan & Popo) from your very lovely class in KMITL . I took TOEIC test and in the test day at time of listening test i have nosebleeding!!!! `` OMG!!

but i got 790 point in this test (The first test i got 595 point!!!) Wow! I'm shock!!!!

listening 395 and reading 395 It's EQUAL  It's Unbelievable!!!

Thanks for teaching me everything!!! I very like and very interest about your study about History of Thailand very much and Ithink Mr.Charlie is my GREAT English teacher!!

 PS.1 If i'm not nosebleed between test i will get higher score than this for sure!!! I Promise

 PS.2 Wish you very happy with your beautiful wife  Haha.....

with love from your student


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