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Monday, March 11, 2013

Jobs gone wrong

A Thai student elated with his exam
The screw-up: The National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS) is an authority whose task is evaluating the education level in Thailand. The important-sounding organisation would have failed miserably had they been graded by students across the country.
The unprofessional act: NIETS is responsible for administering the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net), a university entrance exam which was last taken by students in February. However, the supposed educators should have hit the books again because NIETS admitted around 400,000 students had been given exam papers that contained rookie errors such as duplicate choices, missing quiz numbers and incorrect test orders. Out of 90 questions in the science exam for Matayom 6 (Grade 12) students, 23 of them contained mistakes. These errors take up about 24 out of 100 points on the exam.
Along with these mistakes, the O-Net also contained ridiculous questions such as: "Why do Europeans like Thai massaman curry?" (The choices obviously being because of its spicy taste; its soupy quality; its colour; its fragrant spices; or, because it tastes like tom yam.)
Anyway, a whole hullabaloo ensued about the unfair scoring and dumb-as-nails questions on the test. But oh well, at least these exams give Thai students an excuse to hang out at their favourite coffee shops and partake in their favourite pastime of memorisation.

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